Help and Tooltips for Using 11Sight

Here, we’ll show you how to use the tools and features available when using 11Sight. If you have questions that are not answered below, please reach out to us so we can help you.

Getting Started

Creating an Account

Logging into Your Account

Downloading 11Sight iOS App

Downloading 11Sight Android App

Starter’s Guide to vCall

Starter’s Guide to vMeet


Customize Your Account

Password and Time Zone Change

Profile Page Customization

Availability and Greetings

11Sight Button Setup

Button Types and Provisioning

Button Style Customization

Button Configuration

Button Implementation

WordPress Plugin

Manage Your Organization

User Management

Call Forwarding

Organization Level Settings

Analytics and Performance Tracking

Using 11Sight in
Marketing Campaigns

Short URLs and QR Codes with Trackers

11Sight Call Link on Google My Business Posts

Basic Tooltips

Share your 11Sight link by email

Using the on-screen pointing feature

Share your 11Sight link by text message

Picture Taking

Adding Call Links to Your Email Signature

Adding Meeting Links To Your Scheduling Tools

Changing a vMeet room name



iOS and Android Application Permissions

Necessary Ports to Establish Video Calls

System Requirements (Interoperability)

Security and Privacy

Troubleshooting Bugs and Issues

Confirming Your Email

SDK and API Integrations


11Sight iOS SDK Integration

11Sight Android SDK Integration

11Sight RESTful API Integration

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